Salamander HST

Lift-and-slide doors HST are chosen by people who appreciate art and the most comfortable solution for their homes. HST door constructions can be even used for constructing with very large dimensions, which often form a glass wall in rooms to ensure much light. HST doors can be moved in different ways (illustrated by the following examples). In spite of its size in the door is used a special hardware that allows them to move smoothly and lock in any position. The design of the aluminum threshold which is embed in concrete floor allows to access to the terrace and the garden without any problem.




Product highlights: 


The construction of a lift-sliding door makes it possible to design structures with very large dimensions up to 6 meters wide, which blend perfectly with the architectural trends and help you to gain a lot more sunlight inside the house.


Smooth movements of the wings as well as the construction of the barrier aluminum threshold bring joy to use it and an easy communication.


The use of a sliding door system doesn’t need extra space for the wings to open them to the inside of the living room. So you can also use more space.


The use of special aluminum reinforcement system (not steel) makes it possible that you have on the one hand a big HST construction and it is very stable and on the other hand it reduces the weight which is particularly important in the transport and installation. In addition, special hardware for the lift-slide door increases the lifetime of use.



Profile Gealan HST system, 170 mm frame width with rolling wings with a wide of 74 mm. Choice of two thresholds, aluminum: 67mm tall used for embedding threshold in a concrete floor or low 22 mm in the case of the classic designs are mounted to zero.
Glass Standard glass 4/16/4 havin a permeability coefficient of Ug=1,0 W/m2K. The possibility to use a glas with triple glazing 4/16/4/16/4 and a factor of Ug=0,5 W/m2K

Used in the construction of the HS opening in the patterns A or C

Handle Extended aluminum handle for an easy trouble-free operation. The applicability of using handles with lock from both sides.
Gaskets In t he HST system it is used a special sealing system consisting of several sealing elements.
Reinforcement Aluminum reinforcement is used, which on the one hand further strengthen such a large structure and on the other hand, reduce the weight.



Štandardné okno je vyrobené v bielej farbe, okná je taktiež možne vyrobiť v rôznych drevo imitáciách a to v palete Renolit, Hornschuch, Covapodľa nasledujúcich špecifikácií:

- zvnútra biela – zvonku drevo imitácia.
- zvnútra drevo imitácia – zvonku biele
- zvnútra drevo imitácia – zvonku drevo imitácia.


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